We are a design and development agency based in Berlin_


It´s tech, everything is possible_

This is our philosophy. Every day we push the limits of what is possible and use all our expertise to help our clients to succeed. We combine design and motion with the latest tech stack and an agile workflow to achieve the best results for our clients.

At take it, everyone has their own expertise, and we still understand what our teammates are doing. This allows us to speak the same language and to look beyond our own horizons.

Our frontend, backend and interface engineers work hand in hand with interface and motion designers to achieve the best results for our clients.


Our Why

Classic CMS systems are slow and inflexible. For content editors they offer little comfort and are not adapted to the requirements of modern content marketing. We want to provide our customers a powerful headless CMS tool, that is why we specialize in the development of Storyblok websites.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the leading implementation partner of Storyblok websites for SaaS and fast growing companies. Today we are already one of the certified Storyblok partners with the most launched websites in the DACH area.

Our Mission

Our mission is to give your content and marketing team the tool they deserve. That's why we offer our fast-growing clients scalable websites that make content creation and maintenance a breeze. Content marketing across all channels doesn't have to be complicated.

Our mission is to give your content and marketing team the tool they deserve_



Our team of 7 specialists is the reason for our highly agile way of working. Short decision-making and communication channels allow us to be extremely fast.


In only 2-3 months we can finish most of our projects and go online. Often it is even possible to put MVP version online earlier.


We have already launched more than 12 Storyblok CMS websites for customers like Miles Mobility, Emarsys, NGRAVE or Sennder. This makes us one of the leaders in the DACH region.