How the dream of a smooth transition to Storyblok CMS came true for Emarsys in only 3 weeks.

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Emarsys is a company specialized in marketing automation. It provides a platform for personalized customer interactions across channels like email, mobile, and web. Founded in Austria, Emarsys was acquired by SAP in 2020 and now enhances their Customer Experience offerings.


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About Emarsys

Our client Emarsys, a company of SAP, is an omnichannel CRM platform that enables marketers to build, launch, and scale personalized cross-channel campaigns to drive business outcomes.

Emarsys works with over 1,500 companies, ranging from global enterprises to rapidly growing mid-market brands across various industries.

The Requirements

Although their corporate website is based on Wordpress, they approached us to develop their brand management website on a different system. Together, we decided to move away from the monolithic CMS space and experiment with a headless system. As the project was relatively compact and manageable, the risks were also limited. However, Emarsys had a short list of requirements.

First and foremost, they were looking for a new system that would be easy for both developers and designers to manage. While most systems are easy for developers to handle, it is more challenging to find a system that is also user-friendly for designers and marketing staff.

Secondly, Emarsys was looking for an intuitive CMS that would allow them to make changes quickly while also easily migrating and uploading content from Wordpress.

For us, there is a clear answer to this list of requirements: Storyblok.

Why we recommend Storyblok as a Headless CMS

Based on our experience, we have found that more and more clients are asking for a headless CMS. Compared to a traditional CMS, it offers many advantages. We have already tried different headless systems like Prismic, Contentful, and Sanity. However, in the end, we chose Storyblok because we believe it is the best choice for our clients. One significant reason for this is the visual editor, which is liked by both developers and content editors. In addition, we have found a reliable partner in Storyblok, allowing us to provide the best service to our clients.

As mentioned earlier, Emarsys also took the leap and chose to switch from Wordpress to Storyblok based on our recommendation.

The Emarsys team required little training on the new system as it is quite self-explanatory. Developers and designers immediately understood how to use and extend it, and authors could upload content quickly and conveniently. They also found that it required very little effort to migrate their existing content.

Project Development and Timeline

Just before Christmas 2021, Emarsys approached us to work on a new website. Three weeks later, we were able to give Emarsys access to the CMS to upload content.

This rapid development was the result of a collaborative effort. Emarsys provided us with well-structured design files in Figma, which helped us develop CMS components based on atomic design.

We broke down the layout into small, similar parts that can be combined with each other. Essentially, we created a toolbox of elements that Emarsys can use through the visual editor to create infinite variations.

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