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NGRAVE is a technology company that develops advanced cryptocurrency hardware wallets. It provides solutions for the secure storage of digital assets, emphasizing security, user-friendliness, and privacy. Their products aim to protect crypto investors from online hacks and attacks.


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NGRAVE is one of the leading companies in security solutions for blockchain and digital assets. They offer individuals and businesses a secure and user-friendly end-to-end solution for managing their digital assets, cryptocurrencies, DeFi wallets, and NFTs. The NGRAVE product range is positioned in the premium segment and consists of three components: the NGRAVE ZERO, a hardware wallet with the world's highest security certification EAL7, the backup solution NGRAVE GRAPHENE, and the mobile app NGRAVE LIQUID.

NGRAVE aims for worldwide expansion, with a special focus on the markets in America and the Middle East. The company is continuously working on developing and improving its products to meet the needs of its global customers.


The challenges

Before working with us, the NGRAVE website was simply designed and used a page builder without a real CMS. While there were some tools for managing traffic, the website was overall unappealing and needed to be urgently overhauled to reflect the high premium aspect of the products. The two main problems that the company faced were the easy management of content and information, as well as presenting the brand in an appropriate manner. There were also smaller issues, such as the difficulty of managing content with a page builder for a larger team, as well as the numerous security requirements that are crucial for a cryptocurrency company.

The focus was to grow on the content and e-commerce side. Take it_ introduced us to Storyblok, an easy-to-use CMS. Now we have predefined components and templates. It is very easy to build new pages that look great and also are aligned with our brand.
Elena M. DelmasHead of Marketing & Communications

Why NGRAVE chose Storyblok

The main concern of this project was the implementation of a so-called headless CMS. When selecting CMS options, NGRAVE initially leaned towards Prismic and Contentful, as they had already had experience with these platforms and the pricing seemed reasonable.

After we presented NGRAVE with a Storyblok demo and they experienced the user-friendliness of this CMS, they realized that it was ideal for their new website.

Security also played a crucial role in the restart. Therefore, NGRAVE's CTO thoroughly reviewed the security policies [link] of Storyblok to ensure that the highest security standards are met.

Content was particularly in focus. NGRAVE planned to introduce their Academy, a learning platform. This platform aims to facilitate access to the world of cryptocurrencies for newcomers while providing experienced traders with current news and developments.

Another essential element was the integration of Shopify into the website since a central part of the NGRAVE project is the online sale of their state-of-the-art crypto wallets. Scalability was also a decisive aspect when choosing a CMS. NGRAVE is aware of its position as a growing company and knows that the future is uncertain. Therefore, it was necessary to select a platform that has the potential to grow with the company.

In addition, NGRAVE wanted the website to be multilingual and internationally oriented. Although the company is currently not aiming to expand its internationalization, they decided on a multilingual strategy to create a solid foundation for the future. Finally, the website should also be developed with different channels (omnichannel) in mind. NGRAVE wanted to ensure that they can update and change their content - especially the academy, press releases, and job postings - and that these changes will take effect on all digital platforms, such as the website, mobile app, and co.


NGRAVE decided on Storyblok because of the visual editor. They were impressed by the ability to see their content in real-time before publication.

The advantage of this feature for NGRAVE is that thanks to the intuitive visual editor, it is very easy to train new editors and employees in Storyblok.

We started by creating various page types and components for the homepage, product pages, blog, and academy. By quickly testing the components together with the editorial team, we were able to determine what worked well and gradually expanded the component library.


Since the products are hosted on Shopify, we decided to use the Shopify plugin provided by Storyblok to retrieve products. In the frontend, we use the Shopify SDK with a standard Shopify checkout for order processing.

One challenge in this project was the design. NGRAVE is a premium brand with premium products, and their online presence should also reflect this. Therefore, we display stunning 3D visualizations of the products on the website. Using interactive scrollytelling animations, we also explain how the wallet, app, and graphene work.

Our process for a successful relaunch

In close collaboration with the NGRAVE team, we developed the new website over a period of about three months. In several sessions with the marketing team, we developed the requirements of the individual pages and then transformed them into design drafts. Our team worked intensively in two-week sprints on the development of the new components, presenting the results to our client NGRAVE at the end of each sprint. Short feedback rounds enabled us to make gradual improvements and integrate all requirements and wishes into the new website.

And after Go-live?

After the website went live, we immediately began to analyze the content team's experiences with the CMS and implement the results of user tests into improvements for the website. To this day, we continue to work closely with NGRAVE and support them in all matters related to their website. In biweekly check-in meetings, new to-dos are defined, which are then implemented by our team.

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