We help fast-growing companies with scalable Storyblok CMS websites_

  • miles-reel-desktop
    • Storyblok CMS
    • Next.js
    • React.js

    We migrated Germany's largest independent car-sharing provider to Storyblok CMS in only 4 weeks.

  • sennder-reel-desktop
    • Storyblok CMS
    • UI Design
    • Nuxt.js
    • Vue.js

    Learn how we helped the Berlin-based unicorn startup Sennder optimize their content editing and publish their website in 11 languages with a modern headless CMS.

  • emarsys-reel-desktop
    • Storyblok CMS
    • Nuxt.js
    • Vue.js

    Learn how we facilitated a seamless transition from WordPress to Storyblok CMS for Germany's SaaS company Emarsys in just 3 weeks.

  • ngrave-reel-desktop
    • Storyblok CMS
    • Nuxt.js
    • Shopify
    • Vue.js

    For the Belgian crypto startup NGRAVE, we developed a website using Storyblok CMS, an extensive knowledge center, and a headless boutique shop with the help of Shopify.

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Headless CMS Websites for B2B SaaS and Tech Companies

As a Berlin-based design and development agency, we offer fast-growing companies scalable Storyblok CMS websites that seamlessly integrate with marketing and CRM platforms.

With our future-proof and SEO-optimized websites, our clients can publish content faster more efficiently.

  • Why clients choose take it_

    • cylinder

      Fast Time-to-Market

      Through our Storyblok CMS specialization, we achieve short development times and high product quality.

    • perspective-view

      Expert Team

      Our experienced team of experts acts proactively and solution-focused when realizing your project.

    • activity

      Smooth project process

      Our proven process takes you through the entirety of the project, allowing you to consistently stay in the loop.

    • union

      Long-term partnership

      Our clients can count on our support even after going live and choose us as their long-term CMS partner.

  • Why clients choose Storyblok CMS

    • cylinder

      Content Editing

      Using the intuitive visual editor featuring a live preview, managing content is quicker and more straightforward than ever.

    • perspective-view

      Fast loading times

      Storyblok facilitates the integration of cutting-edge frontend technologies, leading to fast page load times.

    • activity


      Storyblok simplifies internationalization and localization, making it the ideal CMS for a global web presence.

    • union

      Enterprise Security

      Storyblok is GDPR-compliant, hosted on German AWS servers, and its ISO27001 certification makes it one of the most secure CMS on the market.


We provide your marketing team with the tool it deserves.

Leading Storyblok CMS integration partner

We understand how frustrating it is when you can't fully harness your marketing potential with your website. That's why we've dedicated ourselves to assisting B2B SaaS and Tech Companies in developing headless CMS websites with Storyblok.

As one of the leading integration partners and the first agency to fully specialize in Storyblok CMS, we've supported rapidly growing companies like Miles Mobility, Emarsys, Sennder, Apeel, NGRAVE, and many others with scalable and high-performance Storyblok CMS websites and services.

  • In 2-3 Months

    ... your website will be ready to go. Our efficient processes allow for a short development time.

  • More than 12

    ... Storyblok projects have been implemented by us, making us one of the leading agencies in the DACH region.

  • 8 Specialists

    ... who communicate with each other on equal footing, strive for perfection, and have fun together.

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Don’t just take our word for it

  • miles-dark-logorating

    We chose take it_ to migrate our website to Storyblok. Their professionalism, expertise, and design skills make them an ideal addition to any team. With take it, we found the perfect match.

    Franziska Röchert

    Lead Product Design

  • ngrave-dark-logorating

    Their agile approach, fast delivery, and seamless communication were impressive. We appreciated their availability and responsiveness when unexpected issues arose.

    Elena M. Delmas

    Head of Marketing & Communications

  • emarsys-dark-logorating

    Already felt in love with Storyblok, so convenient. Makes editing really fun! Really happy with the outcome and looking forward to more projects with you guys!

    Arnel Neudam

    Head of Corporate Design

  • sennder-dark-logorating

    take it_ was really proactive in problem solving and implementing best practices. And, what is rare, the website was done without delays.

    Anna Levshina

    Head of Marketing Operations


Join us as JS Dev to build better web experiences for our clients