How we moved Miles Mobility to Storyblok in only 4 weeks

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MILES Mobility is Germany's leading independent car-sharing service. They offer kilometer-based car-sharing and van-sharing without fixed stations in a free-floating system. Their mission is to enrich urban life through high availability and flexibility. With a growing user base, they are present in ten German cities and three cities in Belgium.


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From Contentful to Storyblok

Our collaboration with Miles Mobility began in early 2021, when we were tasked with maintaining and further developing their website.

At that time, the Contentful Content Management System (CMS) was being used. With this technology stack, many desired changes to the website were difficult to implement, and our developers had to make many adjustments.

After some time of collaboration, we suggested to our client to redesign the frontend app. This could improve the code quality and bring more flexibility to the development process. Since we had already gained extensive experience with Storyblok and recognized the benefits of this CMS for Miles Mobility, especially when creating new content pages using the Visual Editor, we presented our idea.

The intuitive functionality of the CMS convinced our contacts at Miles Mobility. So we decided to migrate the entire website and content from Contentful to Storyblok. At the same time, we switched the Javascript framework from Gatsby to Next and used TypeScript in the frontend app.

Since both frameworks are based on react.js, we were able to adopt the component structure to a large extent.

The first improvements were quickly visible. With the old Gatsby and Contentful system, even with a staging server, it took quite a while for changes to become visible. This significantly impacted the productivity of the marketing team. With the switch to Next.js, changes could be published much faster, and with the Storyblok Visual Editor, adjustments could even be seen in real-time before going live.


take it_ as a reliable partner

After the successful relaunch of the Miles Mobility website within just four weeks, we continued our commitment as a reliable partner. In regular meetings and calls, we supported the marketing team and developers of Miles Mobility by providing them with valuable tips and our expertise on Storyblok and the development of new features.

We always closely aligned ourselves with the needs and requirements of our client and purposefully applied our knowledge and experience to best support Miles Mobility.

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