January 23, 2023

How we reached an international audience using Smartling and Storyblok

Wessel van der Pal
Co-Founder take it_

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Are you in need of professional translation services to make your website work for an international audience? Or are you having trouble integrating a translation service into your CMS?

In this blog post, we will share our experience using Smartling and Storyblok together to effectively translate a website without a direct connector.

Why did we choose Smartling as our translation platform?

Smartling is a translation management platform that helps businesses translate their website and other content into multiple languages. It has a variety of features that make it easy for businesses to manage the translation process, such as translation memory tools that help ensure consistency across translations and the ability to collaborate with translators and other team members in real-time. Smartling is designed to make it easy for businesses to expand their reach and communicate with customers in different countries, regardless of the language they speak.

One of the main reasons we chose to use Smartling for our translation needs was because of the company's focus on delivering high-quality translations that are contextualized and take into account the tone of voice of the original content. This is important when translating a website, as it ensures that the translated content reads smoothly and maintains the same level of professionalism as the original.

The advantages of the Storyblok folder structure

We found Storyblok's folder structure to be particularly helpful when translating our website. This allowed us to easily see which pages had been translated and which ones still needed to be done, giving us a clear overview of the status of our translation project.

Also, the folder structure also allows you to create a different sitemap structure for different languages, which is helpful since not every language will have the same pages.

Translating the website without a connector

While Smartling is a leading platform for professional translation services, it does not yet have a direct connector to Storyblok.

Despite this, we were able to use these two tools together to effectively translate our website without a connector. The process was simple but effective, and allowed us to take advantage of the high-quality translations offered by Smartling while still using Storyblok to manage our website's content.

To use Smartling and Storyblok together, we used the export and import tools provided by Storyblok to first export the content we wanted to translate. We then added the necessary context information for Smartling and sent the content off to be translated. Once the translations were complete, we imported them back into Storyblok, ensuring that our translated website was up-to-date and accurately reflected the original content.

Conclusion, you do not necessarily need a connector

While Smartling and Storyblok do not have a direct connector, it is still possible to use these two tools together to effectively translate a website. By taking advantage of Smartling's high-quality translations and Storyblok's flexible folder structure and export/import tools, we were able to achieve our translation goals without any issues.

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