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Storyblok vs Contentful: How to Choose a Jamstack CMS


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Jamstack continues to surge in popularity, with data from the Jamstack Community Survey for 2022 showing that personal websites, consumer software, and B2B software are the top three most popular types of websites built with Jamstack. 

When building Jamstack sites, the CMS you choose matters, and several options are available. But which one should you pick? 

Two popular options for a Jamstack headless CMS are Storyblok and Contentful. Which one will work best for your project? Let’s compare the two and see which one comes out on top.

What Is a Jamstack CMS?

A Jamstack CMS or a Jamstack-ready CMS is a headless CMS with the features and functionality to get the most out of the modern Jamstack approach. 

As a reminder, Jamstack is a modern web development architecture that relies on JavaScript, APIs, and Markup. With the help of a headless CMS, CDN, and services connected via APIs (such as payment gateways or an eCommerce platform), organizations that use Jamstack can enjoy faster and more secure websites, among other advantages. 

Headless CMSs are essential to making Jamstack work. These content management systems separate the frontend presentation layer from the backend content management layer. This allows developers to create frontends for channels other than just a desktop and use different technologies and frameworks (like Jamstack) to build those experiences. 

Characteristics of a Jamstack CMS

Some of the characteristics that make a worthwhile Jamstack CMS are:

Framework Agnostic: Jamstack allows developers to use any JavaScript framework they want. A Jamstack CMS should be framework agnostic to enable developers the freedom to choose the best frameworks for each project. 

API-first: A Jamstack CMS should be built on an API-first architecture, which makes connecting different services much easier. 

CDN: A content delivery network (CDN) is essential to Jamstack so a Jamstack CMS needs access to a global CDN to ensure fast speeds and high performance. 

Marketer-Friendly: Content authors using a Jamstack CMS need user-friendly tools to create and edit content without needing developer support. 

Workflows and Collaboration: Teams using a Jamstack CMS need to be able to create workflows to streamline operations and make collaboration between different departments easier. 

Now that we’ve explained what a Jamstack CMS is, it’s time to see how the two options of Contentful and Storyblok compare. 

What Is Storyblok?

Storyblok is a headless CMS that empowers developers and content teams, enabling them to launch digital experiences across any digital channel. Whether you need to manage content for an eCommerce store, mobile app, or of course, a Jamstack website, Storyblok gives companies the tools they need. 

Storyblok also offers a visual editor, allowing marketers to preview content on different channels. With previews, commenting, collaboration, and workflows, Storyblok’s visual editor provides the capabilities marketers need to manage digital content without needing assistance from developers. 

What Is Contentful?

Contentful is a composable content platform that helps businesses to assemble content and deliver digital experiences on any channel. Contentful is easily customizable and integrates with various tools within any tech stack. This means that Contentful enables companies to launch Jamstack sites and integrate the services required to get the most of them. 
One of Contentful’s key features is its App Framework. It enables developers to extend the platform’s functionality with custom apps, automate content workflows and integrate other tools with the CMS. 

Storyblok vs Contentful (How They Compare)

Here’s how the two contenders compare to each other.


Storyblok and Contentful can be classified as modern CMSs that leverage headless architecture. But headless is only part of the equation as these two CMSs also fall under the MACH-based systems category, meaning they are also cloud-native platforms built on microservices that use an API-first approach. The similarities in architecture also extend to hosting, as Storyblok and Contentful rely on Amazon Web Services (AWS). 

Developer Experience

Storyblok offers a component-based development approach, allowing freedom to use any technology or frontend framework. It also includes a visual editor with in-context preview and nestable content blocks to simplify content management for developers. 

Similarly, Contentful also provides framework freedom, as well as starters for popular tools and libraries, and a rich text editor. This means that both CMSs support popular Javascript frameworks like Gatsby, Next.js, Nuxt.js, and any others developers want to use. 

Content Authoring

Storyblok stands out in the content authoring department with its in-context preview and visual editor, allowing users to see how content will look on different channels, such as a mobile app or tablet. 

On the other hand, Contentful provides a rich text or markdown editor, which gives a similar experience to a WYSIWYG editor but lacks the preview capabilities offered by Storyblok, which makes a huge difference in our multichannel world. 

Extensibility & Integrations

Contentful boasts a marketplace of integrations with leading tools and the ability to create custom apps using the App Framework. With the CMS not being the only software used in the tech stack, ready-made integrations enable commerce, digital asset management, and more. 

Storyblok also offers a Technology Ecosystem with integrations in marketing, search, localization and personalization, and commerce. Both platforms are API-first, making integration with other platforms easy.


Storyblok has a free community plan for small businesses, with Entry pricing starting at $90.75 per month for up to 5 members and going up to $2,999 per month for Enterprise customers. Contentful also offers a free community plan, with team pricing starting at $489 per month and a customizable Premium option. 

Which CMS Is Best For Jamstack?

Both Storyblok and Contentful can make a good choice for a Jamstack CMS, but which one wins the battle? To help us decide, we looked at some of the genuine reviews of both platforms available on G2.

Many reviewers like Contentful as a Jamstack CMS, with one reviewer praising the developer experience and content editing interface. However, they also mentioned that the pricing model left much to be desired, often forcing developers to choose between the budget and something that made sense. Other reviewers have mentioned the difficult learning curve when migrating from a traditional CMS. 

Storyblok also has excellent reviews as a Jamstack CMS. One reviewer commented that it was the missing piece of the puzzle for Jamstack as the visual editor and preview capabilities made things easier for content editors. Other reviewers have indicated that Storyblok is perfect for developers and content editors and offers an easy setup of roles and permissions. However, they also mentioned minor issues encountered while upgrading to the latest version.

Every CMS has its issues, but the reviews from G2 offer a fair assessment. Storyblok checks all of the boxes of characteristics of a Jamstack CMS and edges this duel thanks to its visual editor, which gives marketers and non-technical users the ability to create digital experiences without issues. 

Let take it_ Help With Your Next Jamstack Headless CMS

Selecting a Jamstack CMS and then using it to the fullest extent isn’t always the most straightforward task for every business. That’s why you need experts to help guide you through the process. 

Take_it is a Berlin-based design and development agency, and we specialize in helping fast-growing companies get the most out of Storyblok. We have extensive experience in the headless CMS space and can help you with every aspect of your Storyblok implementation, including launching blazing-fast Jamstack sites and integrating with eCommerce services. 

Read here how we helped Miles Mobility switch from Contentful to Storyblok CMS.

Ready to get started with your Jamstack website and Storyblok? Look at Storyblok Service Page and contact us to see how we can help. 

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