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We develop headless CMS websites with Storyblok

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Do you struggle with these challenges?

Most of our clients have at least 3 of these challenges before they start working with us:

  • content-editing

    Content editing is tricky

    Content editing is complicated and takes way too much time because the CMS is difficult to use or badly developed.

  • performance

    Bad website performance

    An outdated CMS tends to have problems and does not allow for modern front-end technology, which can make the website very slow.

  • scalability

    Scaling the website is impossible

    No matter whether you have to create new content elements or integrate additional tools, it always involves a lot of effort and costs.

  • several-cms

    Several CMS in use

    Due to the high demands on the CMS, your company is forced to use several different CMS solutions. This requires coordination within the company, complicates the workflow and affects the consistency of the content.

  • internationalization

    Problems with internationalisation

    Limited or no internationalisation features prevent you from reaching a global audience.

Most content teams use outdated or poorly developed CMS systems that don't focus on the content editor, making their work unnecessarily complicated. We help you develop a high-performance website with Storyblok, the perfect CMS for SaaS and tech companies, so your team can easily create and publish new content and reach a global audience.


What you can expect from our Storyblok websites

  • Component library

    You get a library of components with which you can build landing pages in minutes.

  • Content editing

    The intuitive Visual Editor with live preview makes content maintenance faster and easier than ever before.

  • Fast loading times

    Storyblok enables the use of future-proof frontend technologies that ensure fast loading times.

  • Internationalisation

    Internationalisation and localisation are so easy that Storyblok becomes the ideal CMS for a global web presence.

  • Enterprise security

    Storyblok is GDPR compliant, hosted on German AWS servers and its ISO27001 certification makes it one of the most secure CMSs on the market.

  • Integrations & Tools

    Easily add new marketing tools and other integrations to your headless website thanks to the API-first architecture.

  • Simplified workflows

    Simplify your team's workflows with Storyblok's powerful collaboration features.

  • Omnichannel Publishing

    Storyblok lets you publish your content to websites, smartphone apps, smartwatches and other smart devices.


Don’t just take our word for it

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    We chose take it_ to migrate our website to Storyblok. Their professionalism, expertise, and design skills make them an ideal addition to any team. With take it, we found the perfect match.

    Franziska Röchert

    Lead Product Design

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    Their agile approach, fast delivery, and seamless communication were impressive. We appreciated their availability and responsiveness when unexpected issues arose.

    Elena M. Delmas

    Head of Marketing & Communications

  • emarsys-dark-logorating

    Already felt in love with Storyblok, so convenient. Makes editing really fun! Really happy with the outcome and looking forward to more projects with you guys!

    Arnel Neudam

    Head of Corporate Design

  • sennder-dark-logorating

    take it_ was really proactive in problem solving and implementing best practices. And, what is rare, the website was done without delays.

    Anna Levshina

    Head of Marketing Operations


Noch Fragen?

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