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Sennder is Europe's leading digital freight forwarder, whose goal is to bring Europe's shippers and carriers together to make them more productive and successful.


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About Sennder

Sennder is a logistics technology company and Europe's leading digital freight forwarder with headquarters in Berlin and 10 other locations across Europe. Since its founding in 2015, Sennder has specialised in the digitalisation and optimisation of freight transport in Europe.

Sennder uses advanced technology and data analysis to optimise the entire shipping process. Sennder's goal is to bring Europe's shippers and carriers together to make them more productive and successful.

We were running our website on an outdated CMS platform. It was slow, crashed and did not allow various technical integrations.
Anna LevshinaHead of Marketing Operations

The Challenge

When Sennder approached us, the company was struggling with several issues on their website.

The company's rapid expansion over the past two years, from 400 to 800 employees, presented both the company and the marketing team with significant challenges, which also affected the website.

There was a lack of a clear structure for the website, both in terms of content and design. In addition, several CMS systems were used to publish content. The most important pages, which presented products and services, were hard-coded and therefore could not be customised without the help of a programmer. In addition, different areas such as blog, press and others were spread across different subdomains, resulting in an inconsistent user experience due to different layouts.

Due to the problem that the marketing team was dependent on different developers to make updates to the website, changes were very time-consuming. Another obstacle was the inconsistent tech stack, which made it difficult to analyse the website extensively and severely limited the optimisation options. To address these issues, Sennder decided to migrate their website to a new CMS that would cover all their requirements and provide the fast-growing company with a future-proof and scalable solution.

Storyblok as a scalable headless CMS for Sennder

Sennder had various requirements when looking for a new CMS. One important criterion was scalability to support the growth of the marketing team, content and website.

It was also crucial that the CMS be flexible and integrate seamlessly with the various systems, such as the HR tool Greenhouse or the CRM Salesforce, that Sennder already works with.

In the end, Sennder opted for Storyblok because it fulfilled all these requirements and had much more to offer. The various options for assigning different roles to the team in the CMS and defining their own workflows played an important role in the decision. This made onboarding the large team much easier.

Storyblok's user-friendly interface, in particular the live preview of the Visual Editor, played a decisive role in the selection. This feature allows new content to be created and changes to be viewed in real time before they are published on the website. Similar to a page builder, but with an enterprise-level CMS.

take it_ as an integration partner

After deciding on a new CMS, Sennder needed an integration partner. Based on our portfolio and previous partnership, we were recommended by Storyblok as a certified integration partner to support Sennder with the migration and development of their new website.

Our agile way of working and hands-on mentality was a perfect fit for working with Sennder's team. By using two-week sprints, we were able to work on the new website in an agile and iterative way.

Another advantage was our atomic design approach, in which the website components are developed in such a way that they can be flexibly combined with each other. This enables content editors to create different variations of the components.

Design system and modular component system

To give Sennder as much flexibility and convenience as possible when creating new pages, we set up a web-compatible design system based on their corporate identity and developed a selection of different components that the editors can combine with each other like Lego bricks.



I would definitely recommend take it_ to all companies that need not only technical skills in web development, but also a partner with whom they can exchange ideas and discuss possibilities.

Anna Levshina

Head of Marketing Operations


Translation into 11 languages? No problem with Storyblok!

Although Sennder's headquarters are in Berlin, the company is spread across 10 locations throughout Europe. It was therefore clear from the outset that the content also had to be available in 11 languages. This requirement created two tasks for us:

  1. Configure the content and CMS structure in such a way that the editors can work with 11 different languages as easily as possible.

  2. Automatically migrate the extensive existing content (e.g. blog and press releases) in the different languages into the Storyblok database and ensure that meta data, images and links are retained.

Thanks to Storyblok's practical folder translation function, this is no problem at all. At the highest content structure level, you create the corresponding folders for the respective languages and link them to the appropriate URL. German(/de), English(/en), Polish(/pl) and so on.

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