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Don't let them slow you down!

Most agencies face at least one of these challenges before working with us:

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    Do you not want to set up a Storyblok unit due to the uncertain economic situation?

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    Do you have an exciting customer project but can't get started due to a lack of resources?

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    Your unreliable freelancer has left you out for the better project again?

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    You want to realize your first Storyblok project and are looking for an experienced partner who gives you security?

Benefit now from our experience from over 20 Storyblok projects and the advantages of working with an external partner. We are available at short notice and offer a proactive consulting approach in German or English.

Our cultural fit and our experienced development team, which is 100% specialized in Storyblok and modern JS front-ends, make us the ideal partner. The best thing about it: there are no ongoing fixed costs. You only pay for our services when we are actually working on your projects.


What makes us special

  • Lower project costs

    Recruiting, onboarding, training and managing employees cost you a lot of money and time. Regardless of whether they are working to capacity or not. In contrast, you only pay us when we work on your project.

  • We step in at short notice

    Whether for a quick prototype, help with cost calculations or the complete implementation of a new project, we step in at short notice so that you can start your project and keep to your schedule despite blocked resources.

  • Avoid project risks

    Thanks to our extensive experience from numerous Storyblok projects, we can identify stumbling blocks early on and remove them from the way. This keeps your costs calculable.

  • 100 % Storyblok specialization

    In over 20 Storyblok projects, we have built up a wealth of knowledge that you can benefit from directly. Whether through high-quality code or our proactive consulting approach.

  • Plain language instead of jargon

    We translate highly complex topics so that everyone can understand them. With us, your project managers receive technical support in customer calls from our developers. In German and English.

  • Flexible pricing

    Do you invoice your projects according to time and material or have you agreed a fixed project budget with the customer? We adapt to you so that you can retain the usual invoicing method and have the option of cost and time control. time control.

  • Made in Germany

    We are based in the heart of the capital, surrounded by vibrant tech companies.

  • Long-term relationship

    We maintain a long-term relationship with our customers based on trust and reliability.

  • Direct communication channel

    We offer you a direct line to us via Slack or your favorite chat tool. This allows you to share your concerns with us directly and saves you the annoying back and forth via email.

3d-select-solidWhat we offer

We can help you with the following

  • Storyblok Enabler

    Are you starting out with Storyblok and want to avoid rookie mistakes? Whether it's costing and project planning or designing a complex Jamstack architecture, we'll give you the support we would have liked to have had at the beginning.

  • Developer as a Service

    Our experienced developers can supplement your team or take over the entire project if your resources are blocked. No fixed costs, but highly professional collaboration, proactive advice and punctual delivery.


Don’t just take our word for it

  • hmmhrating

    Schnelle und direkte Kommunikation auf Augenhöhe, brennen fürs Thema, pragmatische und umkomplizierte Herangehensweise sowie das Verständnis, das unterschiedliche Kundengruppen unterschiedliche Ansprachen brauchen.

    Kevin Heil

    Unit Director

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    We chose take it_ to migrate our website to Storyblok. Their professionalism, expertise, and design skills make them an ideal addition to any team. With take it, we found the perfect match.

    Franziska Röchert

    Lead Product Design

  • emarsys-dark-logorating

    Already felt in love with Storyblok, so convenient. Makes editing really fun! Really happy with the outcome and looking forward to more projects with you guys!

    Arnel Neudam

    Head of Corporate Design

  • sennder-dark-logorating

    take it_ was really proactive in problem solving and implementing best practices. And, what is rare, the website was done without delays.

    Anna Levshina

    Head of Marketing Operations


We are a certified Storyblok partner agency

We have been fully specialized in Storyblok since the beginning of 2021 in order to be able to optimally support our partners in the implementation of complex projects. Regardless of whether it is a simple marketing website or a complex multi-brand front-end architecture, we have gained extensive experience in over 20 Storyblok projects. We would now like to share this expertise with you.


We are familiar with these technologies:

  • storyblok
  • vue
  • nuxt
  • react
  • next
  • bottom
  • bottom
  • figma